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Home / Mobile Nursing Services

Our home / mobile nursing service is provided to individuals with a prescribed nursing service from a registered medical practitioner in a registered medical facility. The service includes but not limited to

  • Wound dressing
  • Catheter care
  • Injection
  • Home nurse visit

Wound dressing, Urinary Catheterization, and Injection

We dress cuts, bruises, and wounds in the comfort of client’s home or office. We also provide
change of catheter and injection in the comfort of client’s home. Service is provided by Licensed
Nurse. Payment is done daily after service is provided. A service fee comes with the following

Wound Dressing

  • Wound dressing by a Licensed Nurse
  • Normal saline
  • Povidone iodine solution
  • Methylated Spirit
  • Plaster
  • Sterile pack (Galipot)
  • Sterile glove – 1
  • Disposable gloves

Change of catheter and Injection

All items needed for the procedure are provided by AnsMed except in the case of injection, where the medication shall be provided by the client.

Home Nurse Visit

Periodic visit by a licensed nurse for assessment of health, planning, supervision, and evaluation of activities of daily living and care received by a client. Services provided include

  • Assessing and evaluating the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of patients.
  • Providing physical, psychological, and appropriate therapy to patients.
  • Assessment of patient’s home and making the necessary recommendation
  • Taking patient histories and organizing health records.
  • Assessing for complications such as bedsores, fall, risk of aspiration, and administer the
    appropriate interventions.
  • Developing and managing patient’s care plan.
  • Identifying care issues and making recommendations about changes to the patient’s care plan
  • Coordinating the care of patient with other patient’s health team members
  • Providing and facilitating diagnostic and other lab tests to patients.
  • Ensuring adequate stock of patient’s medication(s)
  • Monitoring for adverse effect of prescribed medications and report accordingly.
  • Educating patients or caregivers (if available) on correct administration of medications.
  • Ensuring proper storage of medications.
  • Talking to family caregivers who are present during visits, listening to their concerns and
    updating them on the patient’s condition.
  • Assisting and supporting patients in organizing their physical activities
  • Maintaining documentation of all therapy interventions to patients
  • Providing education for coping and management of conditions to patients
  • Monitoring client’s vitals and recording changes in condition.

How does a client get started with Home / Mobile Nursing Services?

  • A client must send a National ID (preferably Ghana Card) and a direction to house
    (Ghana Post Address or GPS Address).
  • Date and time for home assessment and first treatment is then scheduled (within 12 hours
    of service enquiry)
  • After confirmation, home care assessment and first treatment are done.

About us

Started in 2016, we specialize in providing home care and health management services to individuals and organizations. Our rewards are stable and long-lasting relationships with our clients

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