Nurses are an integral part the health care system which includes the promotion of health, prevention of diseases and care of the physically and mentally ill.

Did you know that the first British colonial nursing sister arrived in Accra in 1899 and the professional training of Ghanaian nurses began from then?

Did you also know that after Independence, Madam Docia Angelina Naki Kisseih who was a leading Ghanaian nurse, midwife and educator was Ghana’s first Chief Nursing Officer? and through her long career helped modernize and pioneer nursing as a profession in Ghana?. Well now you know a little history about nursing in Ghana.

Nurses are like a vital organ in our bodies we cannot do without. They are the sugar in our ‘koko’ and butter in our bread, they are the ripped plantain on our ‘gobe’. Nurses are great assets to Ghana, they do their best with the available resources they have, they are kind and caring and honestly they do better than the public perception about them.

In my high school years, one of my friend’s big sister loved me instantly after I was introduced to her. Can you guess the reason? it was because I had the same name as a kind and caring nurse who took care of her while she was admitted at the hospital some time ago. The impact this nurse had on my friend’s sister was so strong that her love for her was extended to anyone who shared her name.

Imagine after completing a rigorous program of an extensive education, some end up in very remote areas with lack of basic amenities but they still serve and care for their patients with love and dedication.

If this were an Akan funeral, we would say Nurse fo) ay3 ade3 na mo mpene won eer, literally meaning, nurses have done well so let’s hail them.

Today is May 12, 2023, it’s International Nurses Day, celebrate a nurse today, whisper something nice to a nurse today, lend a helping hand to a nurse and let them know they’re highly appreciated for their heroic service to mankind.