When we pray for long life, we pray to be old and feeble. Old age is a blessing that comes with some disadvantages. These disadvantages affect us in so many different ways. They may affect our mobility, eyesight, hearing and overall health.

This point in a person’s life is when they need love and care the most after childhood, but do they really get this care and love? Some few ones are fortunate to receive this care, unfortunately majority of these elderly do not, they are labeled as witches/wizards and a nuisance. For this reason, they are abused and neglected in one way or the other.

On this journey of life, most people will end up where the elderly are today, that is the cycle of life.
So ask yourself, do you treat the elderly how you want to be treated when you grow old and feeble one day?

If your neglect is due to your busy schedules, contact AnsMed Home Care Limited today for an affordable home care and nursing service package for your loved ones who have been blessed with old age. Get them the support they need to continue to live their lives the best way they possibly can.

Today is World Day Against Elder Abuse, let’s treat our elderly like they haven’t been left out. This day is a time to promote a better understanding of abuse and neglect of older persons by raising awareness of the cultural, social, economic and demographic processes affecting the aged.