Google Review: See what clients are writing about AnsMed in November 2020

From the 1st to 15th of November 2020, AnsMed Home Care Ltd, the leading home care service provider in Ghana had three reviews on Google my business alone.

All three clients gave AnsMed five stars whereas two of them left notes. Find below the notes these customers left on google or click HERE to find out on Google.

AnsMed Home Care staff were with my uncle for almost two years. Throughout his continuing and rapid physical and mental deterioration due to dementia, the staff were extremely patient, caring and professional. In addition to the highly skilled and compassionate staff that were ultimately with him every hour of every day, the agency itself was very flexible and accommodating to his changing needs. They were able to effectively manage his care in his home in Accra. They also consistently communicated with and satisfied his closest family members in the United States. Finally, when he passed on just over a month ago, the compassion of the staff was most evident as they went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting with funeral arrangements. They demonstrated a level of care and love that exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend the AnsMed Home Care agency without reservation to anyone who may need their services to help care for a loved one

Albie Walls

AnsMed exceeded my expectations with caring for my father who suffered with Dementia. They provided around the clock care for my father as his health progressively worsened. Not only did they provide loving and compassionate care, they also informed me of dad’s care by providing monthly progress reports, transporting Dad to his medical appointments and remaining with him during hospital admissions. My dad died in September. Once again, AnsMed was with me every step of the way; they helped obtain necessary documents before I arrived from the States. Their staff helped out with funeral arrangements, one of Dads’ former caregivers even helped me pick out a dress for the funeral and their staff attended his service. I was hugely blessed to have worked with this agency, that became members of my extended family. Knowing my dad was in such good hands allowed me to have peace of mind.

Monifa Wilson

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